My ceiling is far too high and uninviting

What are the solutions?

Old town houses or stately homes often have high ceilings. These are gorgeous and impressive, but sometimes make the room feel unwelcoming.
To optically lower the ceiling, you can apply panel moulding to the wall a little higher than usual, for example at one fifth or one sixth of the wall height away from the ceiling. You can then paint the ceiling, cornice moulding and panel moulding in the same colour.
Alternatively, you can use high cornice moulding (such as C332) or combine two cornice moulding types to obtain greater height, before painting the moulding and the ceiling in a single colour in contrast with the wall colour.


How can you embellish a ceiling?

cornice mouldings provide a beautiful finish to your ceiling, but why not try using panel mouldings on your ceiling as well? This can result in exceptionally beautiful compositions, particularly if you include corner elements. With ceiling tiles and roses, you can give a space the true grandeur it deserves. Simple and sleek or with a touch of baroque: the Orac Decor® collection has it all. Ceiling roses also hide electrical wires in the ceiling. If you are not particularly keen on classic ceiling roses, 'Focus' from the Ulf Moritz collection offers a beautiful, more modern alternative, which can be surrounded by a composition of the 'Folio' model. For a truly impressive effect, you can use several 'Focuses' over the entire ceiling or create a line pattern with the 'Radius' model.


  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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