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Add your personal style and look to your interior with the creations of Orac Decor. Whether you choose our cornice mouldings, skirting boards, panel mouldings, profiles for indirect lighting or other decorative elements, you can rest assured that the quality and user-friendliness are guaranteed. All our products are made from high-quality plastic. These offer many benefits compared to other materials such as plaster, wood or MDF.


1. Immediately paintable

Orac Decor Immediately Paintable

All Orac Decor decoration products have a white primer layer. No need to sand or pre-treat the surface. You can paint immediately, saving you time and money.

Our collection offers products in three different types of plastic. These are all immediately paintable:

Duropolymer®: an extruded and impact-resistant high-density polystyrene mix
Purotouch®: a high-quality, high-density polyurethane
Durofoam®: an extruded lightweight medium-density polystyrene mix

2. Ideal for renovations

Orac Decor ideal for renovation
Our collection offers a wide range of efficient and elegant solutions for the renovation of your home:

2.1 Cover skirting

Orac Decor Skirting Renovation

Tired of the old skirting boards in your home? Are they damaged or difficult to remove? The Orac Decor® cover skirting strip offers the perfect solution. It simply covers the existing skirting boards, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

2.2 Professional finish

Orac Decor Skirting Hide

Do those imperfections or seams in the wall or ceiling annoy you? Expertly conceal them with our panel mouldings, skirting boards, cornice mouldings, 3D panel mouldings, etc.

2.3 Curved lines?

Orac Decor Skirting Flex

We also offer the perfect finish for curved or bent applications. Discover our ORAC Flex profiles.

2.4 Decorative elements

Orac Decor Decorative Elements

Many older houses are decorated with baroque cornice mouldings, rosettes, domes, decorative mantel pieces, consoles and pediments in plaster. The renovation of these types of decorative elements requires the hand of a professional and is extremely expensive. Our plastic decorative elements offer a worthy alternative. They are light, sturdy and easy to install and give your interior the same authentic look as before.

3. Easy to Install

Orac Decor Easy Installation

As our products are made of plastic, they are light, strong and durable; thus they are easy to install. You also receive an installation guarantee if you use our DecoFix glue.

The comprehensive Orac Decor® collection offers a suitable solution for any location and any budget: indoor or outdoor, wet or dry. Our products have been used by DIY fanatics and talented professionals for over forty years.

4. Duropolymer® Profiles = Even More Advantage

4.1 Water-Resistant

Orac Decor Skirting Water Resistant

Our Duropolymer® profiles are perfect for damp rooms or outdoor use. Just paint them with water-resistant paint and use our unique DecoFix Hydro glue, and they can handle any moisture. You can even install them in your shower without a problem.

Contrary to wood or plaster, they do not absorb water. This means they will always retain their colour, shape, firmness and beauty.

4.2 Knock-Resistant

Orac Decor Skirting Shock Resistant

Are you looking for sturdy profiles or decorative elements? Duropolymer® products are extremely hard and therefore very knock- and bump-resistant, making them eminently suitable as skirting boards, door frames or any application requiring a sturdy material.


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