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Cornices for indirect lighting

Thanks to our profiles for indirect lighting you can light up your wall or ceiling to create an extra spacious effect, whether it's in private environments, offices or hotels. We'll be giving you some tips and original applications for these profiles: 

Tips from a professional

Where can I find an overview of all the profiles for indirect lighting?

On this page you'll find all our profiles developed to carry LED-bars.

Can you also integrate the LED bars in other profiles, eg. C213, CX100?
As long as you keep the dimensions of the LED bars in mind and you make sure the profiles are well fixed to the wall, you can be creative to integrate LED bars into Purotouch® profiles

Duropolymer® and Durofoam® profiles only fit if you use an extra reflector because light can shine through.

Do the LED bars fit in all the Orac Decor® indirect lighting profiles?
Yes, we designed our LED bars so they can be integrated in all our profiles.

More information? Read our  frequently asked questions. 



 Cornice on wall

C900 C901

Horizontal and vertical wall covering


Downlighter on wall and furniture


Higher and lower ceilings

C351 - BOAT

Door frame (or picture frame)

C371 - SHADE

Practical tip:

Review also our installation page for more information!

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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