Enlarge your space

Believe us when we say that our products have been carefully conceived. This applies to quality, functionality and design. The visual possibilities of our products are endless, as is their added value. Use cornice mouldings, skirting and indirect lighting to easily make any space appear larger. We would be delighted to demonstrate this and offer tips on how to create an interior that feels larger than it actually is. After all, living somewhere is ultimately about "experiencing" it.

Cornice mouldings for a spacious feeling

Steps Cornices to optically enlarge space

Cornice mouldings accentuate the transition from wall to ceiling and create various visual effects.

If you install the coving with the widest side along the ceiling, this will appear wider as well.

However, if used as more of a border with the largest part along the wall, the ceiling will be pushed upwards visually and the room will seem much higher.

>> The clean, stylish lines of our Steps cornice mouldings indicate the host of options available.

Indirect lighting, a genuine experience

L3 Indirect Lighting to optically enlarge space

These days, indirect lighting is both functional and essential to transforming your living and working spaces into a genuine experience. The right lighting can make your space look larger. The reflected light creates a stylish, serene effect as well. This is what happens when the walls or floors are lit up as well as the ceiling.

You can paint the lighting elements to accentuate them and therefore emphasise the architecture.Alternatively, paint them the same colour as the wall, ceiling or floor to form a harmonious whole with the room.

>> Discover some of the creative possibilities of indirect lighting.

Skirting boards: Essential to your visual experience too

High Line Skirting Board to optically enlarge space

Skirting are an essential part of any living space. They cover the often careless transition between the wall and the floor, protect the lower part of the wall from damage and are ideal for hiding ugly wiring behind it.

However, skirting boards are especially suited to increasing the aesthetic appeal of your walls and interior.Paint the skirting boards the same colour as the walls for a smooth transition, thereby making the walls appear taller. Paint the skirting boards in an accent colour for the opposite effect.

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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