Practical tips when placing skirting boards

The Orac Decor® skirting boards provide a functional yet stylish finish for every interior. Our ORAC professional gives a few practical tips:

ORAC®How do you discreetly hide a gap between your floor and your wall?  

PROF: When laying parquet or laminate, it is advisable to keep it 1 cm away from the wall. Wood breathes and the gap gives it the space to expand. You can hide the gap with one of our skirting boards, which you then paint the same colour as the wall.

ORAC®How do you create a higher skirting board?

PROF: High skirting boards are very popular at the moment, but you must make sure that high skirting boards are in proportion to the total height of the wall. If not, the result will be too heavy and rather ostentatious. 

You can also choose a skirting board and fit one or two panel moulding types above each other, slightly above the skirting board. Then you can paint the area of the skirting board up to and including the highest panel moulding in one colour to optically create one high skirting board.

ORAC®How should I fit skirting boards if the floor is not level?

PROF: If the floor is not level, it is best to draw a level line. The reference point is where the floor reaches its highest point. This is where you indicate the top point of the skirting board and then you draw a level line all around the space. Fit the skirting boards, and then seal the gap where the floor is slightly lower.

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