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STEPS cornice mouldings: six useful applications

STEPS cornice mouldings: six useful applications

Part of our new MODERN Collection, the four cornice mouldings in the STEPS series provide your interior with diversity and dynamism. Their straight lines and sleek design do more than just create a modern atmosphere, they also create a sense of depth within the space. STEPS allows you play with light and shadow, hide imperfections and get rid of those wallpaper edges. In short – it’s the perfect stepping stone to a greater ambience!
The contemporary look is just one of the benefits of STEPS. The enormous added value comes from its wealth of possible applications. The STEPS cornice mouldings ...

ORAC Steps - indirecte verlichting VOOR 

2. form an elegant transition between wall and ceiling

ORAC Steps - kroonlijst VOOR 

3. work perfectly as curtain profiles so there is no need for rails

ORAC Steps - gordijn VOOR 

4. can make a ceiling appear higher thanks to a stepped border that takes it to the next level

 ORAC Steps - border VOOR 

5. can be used as a framework in the ceiling to add an extra dimension and create a room within a room

ORAC Steps - plafondkader VOOR 


6. are beautiful ceiling decorations that can highlight specific areas in a subtle way

ORAC Steps - plafonddeco VOOR 

Crowning glory in your home!

Would you like your interior to be a little more striking? STEPS can definitely make a difference.

Feel free to draw inspiration from this art-deco project in Ghent which made the most out of these cornice mouldings.

More inspiration?

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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