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Wainscoting: something for everyone

Wainscoting: something for everyone

Wainscoting is often associated with  cosy and warm country houses, but can do so much more than that. It is a solution that certainly also has a place in  modern interiors  In addition to the cosy atmosphere wainscoting creates, it can also be used as a solution for  damaged or damp walls.

Cosy and functional: you can kill two birds with one stone.

Rules of thumb: wainscoting

    1. You can achieve a very nice proportion if the panel moulding is at one third of the total wall height.
    2. Make sure to work as symmetrically as possible for a serene and balanced result.
    3. Always work with a spirit level, even if the floor is slanting gently.

Wainscoting: something for everyone


The classic wainscoting offers the charm and warmth of wooden wainscoting, but is also shock and water-resistant.

  • Orac Decor® profiles:  PX147 and  PX169

  • Recommended additions:  SX118

Lambris 4

Questions about the installation? Click here for the installation manual!     

A sleek and contemporary solution for a modern interior. Made with a combination of multifunctional DX profiles.

 Axxent Wainscoting2
How to install? Download the installation manual!       

A wainscoting concept put together with the Radius-profile ( P3070 ) from the  Ulf Moritz for Orac Decor® collection.

Combination of several types of panel moulding ( PX103 PX120 , P9010 ). 


Cover the wall with one of the wall panels from the Orac Decor® range, such as the
D503 or the F30 .

Want more information on installation? go to our Installation page !

More inspiration?

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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