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Wall Panelling

Wall panelling

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Admit it: a flat wall can be boring. Even with a nice colour, it can feel completely cold. For centuries, people have been trying to create depth in all sorts of ways.

Do you also wish to give your room a sense of character and conviviality? Then get creative with wall panelling. You can use it to create impressive spaces. Fortunately, the time when panelling was considered old-fashioned has long gone. With these rules of thumb, you can immediately put an impressive stamp on the entire room.

Convivial and functional

Panelling immediately catches the eye and creates extra character in the room. When you repeat decorative elements, you also bring symmetry and tranquillity into the room. Then finish to perfection for a luxurious look.

In addition to the creating a convivial atmosphere, panelling can also be used as a solution for damaged or damp walls. Full of atmosphere and functional. That's two birds with one stone.

Some basic rules

Combine decorative elements such as wall panels, skirting boards, wall mouldings, chair rails, etc. There are no strict rules for wallscaping but here are some guidelines:

  1. Include symmetry in your design. This way, the entire room exudes calm and balance.
  2. Start with existing lines in your interior, such as doors, a fireplace, existing mouldings, etc.
  3. Calculate the ideal height of your panelling according to your wall. Classic panelling is placed up to a third of the total wall height, but higher or lower options are also possible: from an elegant elevated skirting board to an impressive full wall.

Raised skirting board

Looking for an elegant and luxurious effect that is also affordable? Then go for a visibly higher skirting board. You can do this by placing a wall moulding at a fifth of the total wall height. Then paint the skirting board, wall moulding and wall in the same colour.

Want even more character? Opt for a matching door frame.

SX191    |  PX175   |  DX174-2300   |  DX170-2300 P4025   |  P8030   |  C327

Stately panelling

If you choose traditional panelling, place a chair in front of your wall to determine the ideal height. Usually the back of the chair corresponds to a third of the total wall height. Place a low wall moulding here. A little too low is better than too high.

Combine with wallpaper and possibly a composite cornice moulding for a more ornate effect.

SX138     |  W123    |  W120   |  P4025   |  C323    |  C340  

Prestigious high wall moulding

High wall mouldings are THE trend in interior country. You can pimp up a boring wall without any problem using high panelling. Go for a repetitive pattern so that the unremarkable wall immediately gets an interesting and orderly makeover. Incorporate LED lighting for an instant wow effect.

How do you do that? You place a wall moulding at two thirds of the wall height. In most houses, this corresponds to 160 to 180 centimetres in height. What about the height of the skirting board? The skirting board is traditionally higher than the distance between the other panels that are used.

CX132     |  SX118   |  W120    |  P4025     |  C332

Grandiose walls

Can it all be even grander and more impressive? Yes, cover a full wall with panelling. High wall moulding can usually be positioned at 30 to 50 centimetres from the ceiling. The higher the room, the greater this distance is.

Large cornice mouldings are not only for risk-takers or for residents of town houses with metre-high ceilings. Not necessarily. After installation, the cornice mouldings immediately look a lot smaller. At the same time, the room immediately seems bigger.

SX191    |  W121   |  W120   |  C324  |  C343

Convinced of the advantages and character that panelling gives a room? Once you have your design in mind, next step the installation. More information and useful videos can be found on our installation page

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