Curtain Profiles

Orac Decor® Curtain Profiles are designed with the latest technologies and materials. They offer the possibility to hide your curtain technics. Thanks to the extra support for glueing, no additional systems are needed.

With the C991 (designed by Ulf Moritz) and the C341 and C342 Heritage profiles, you can add an elegant finish to both contemporary as classic interiors.


Ulf Moritz

Ulf Moritz has designed a series of features to give your interior real character and form. On walls or ceilings, with or without integrated lighting, these features form the basis for a completely new 3D experience.

With the volumes you are able to create an extra dimension, both literally and figuratively. Bare, flat walls are transformed into a dynamic story of curves, movement, light and shade. Imposing and powerful yet with a subtle elegance.

With a little creativity, U can make compositions to be proud of, according to your own taste and style, irrespective of the style of architecture.

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