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For over 100 years now, modernists have been breaking away from the past. They use new technologies, believe in man's power to create and reduce living to its essence of simplicity and purity. With the theme of "less is more", we return to the essence and search for symbiosis between architecture and decorative art.

Orio Tonini
 succeeds, time and again, in giving our designs a very architectural interpretation and integrating them perfectly into the surrounding space. Pierre Daems, sets himself apart by his use of straight lines and correct proportions – the elemental features of modernism.

With a series of five concepts designed in the form of 16 high-quality 3D ornaments, we hand you the tools to create and design your own unique spaces:


Clever play of shadows

The L3 concept, developed by the Italian architect Orio Tonini, consists of 4 modernist profiles designed for the integration of indirect LED lighting. Each profile can be used as a standalone element, for example as an uplighter or they can be combined to create beautifully composed linear patterns of light and shadow.

StepsChamfered and sober

Steps, also designed by Orio Tonini, consists of a series of 4 simply designed profiles, each with an individual character and function, including an original border, a clean-cut cornice moulding, and a practical solution for hiding a curtain rail or LED lighting. The chamfered corners at the top and bottom also create a subtle shadow line that manages to accentuate the linear pattern.

High Line

Angular and interesting

High Line are two skirting boards designed by Pierre Daems. This creative Belgian product developer sets himself apart by his use of straight lines and correct proportions – the fundamental features of modernism. ‘I really enjoy working with ORAC”, says Daems. “We share the same vision of interior and product design.”

DiagonalVersatile and functional

Diagonal integrates technology, design and function in one profile. "The profile was based on the idea of being able to use one of the same product as a skirting board and as a light source", explains Orio Tonini. That's why the choice fell on Duropolymer®, an extruded, high-density polystyrene mixture that is extremely water- and knock-resistant. This makes it an ideal product to use as a sleek skirting board, for up and downlighting with integrated LEDs, or an entire wall covering. Its unlimited potential makes every space unique.

3D Wall Panels

Geometric volume   

The 3D Wall Panels are a unique series, inspired by the abstract lines and geometric forms of modernist architecture. This new concept - developed in close collaboration with the Italian architect Orio Tonini and painter-artist Emma Geers - transforms ‘usual’ into ‘unusual’ in combination with texture and colour.

MODERN inspiration

Orac Decor Skirting with Indirect Lighting

SX179 - Diagonal

IL egaal licht

C381 - L3

Orac Decor Skirting Optical Enlargement

SX181 - High Line

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