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7 ways to use a cornice

7 ways to use a cornice

The coving not only offer decorative and functional advantages, they also fit your budget. But the biggest advantage is the broad spectrum of

application options:


1. Ceiling cornice


this gives your ceiling a guaranteed beautiful contour. A cornice creates a visually attractive transition from wall to ceiling. From sleek to baroque, from decorative to functional. The possibilities are endless!

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2. Curtain profile


Our curtain profiles were developed with the most recent technologies and materials, offering an excellent way to hide your curtain rails elegantly,without  requiring additional systems. We offer models for both classic and modern interiors.


3. Element for indirect lighting

indirecte verlichting

These profiles provide atmosphere for any interior, whether a private home, shop, office or hotel. They complement the architecture, create the right mood and can be fitted as up- or downlighting. 'Lightly' fantastic!


4. Trompe l’oeuil for the visual enlargement of a space

trompe l oeuil

When the largest part of the cornice is placed on the ceiling, it visually widens the room; however, when the largest part of the cornice is placed on the wall, it visually elongates the wall. This allows you to practically play with your interior.


5. Multifunctional profile


A select series of profiles can be used as cornice or wall mouldings, door frame or skirting board. Whatever the space is ultimately used for, the visual added value and increased dynamism are guaranteed.


6. Flexible profile

Project: Atelier DAAA / Picture: Bertrand Fompeyrine - BCDF studio

Our specially designed ORAC Flex-series  offers you profiles that are excellently suited for curved walls and ceilings or creative use. How about circles or elegant lines on your wall or ceiling?


7. Decorative outdoor applications


All Duropolymer and Purotouch profiles can be used outdoors, provided they are correctly installed, preferably with DecoFix Hydro glue and water resistant paint.  Our uniqueXterio product line can also be used as the perfect decoration for your gutters, gazebo, a window with pediment, the front door or as an element in a column facade...

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  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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