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Cover skirting

  1. SX185 CASCADE
    £8.68 / m £17.36 / pc

    L 200 x H 12 x W 2.5 cm Duropolymer® ‎

  2. SX171 SQUARE
    SX171 SQUARE
    £7.81 / m £15.62 / pc

    L 200 x H 10 x W 2.2 cm Duropolymer® ‎

  3. SX186 CONTOUR
    £12.25 / m £24.50 / pc

    L 200 x H 13.8 x W 2.2 cm Duropolymer® ‎

3 Items

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Easy renovation

Ideal for renovation projects: our waterproof and paintable cover skirting. The cover skirtings from Orac Decor® have been manufactured to be glued on top of an existing skirting board.

An ideal solution where old skirting boards are difficult or impossible to remove. Saves you both time and money!

Whether you prefer a more modern or traditional style, there will be a matching cover skirting to finish your interior: With a large space behind the profile, the cover skirting is also an easy and decorative way of hiding electricity cables.

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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