1. Time to shine


    Marisa Gallo 2 


    Interiorisimo by Marisa Gallo is an international interior design

    firm that operates out of Madrid to design residential and
    commercial properties in Spain and Latin America. Its constant
    quest for uniqueness and balance has resulted in a distinctive
    style synonymous with elegance and timelessness.

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  2. Jean-Paul Hévin store

    Jean-Paul Hévin store

    Location: France    Project: JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN

    The walls and ceiling of the Chocolate Bar(re) are decorated with Orac Decor® cornices and panel mouldings by designer Ulf Moritz. The profiles used are Shade ( C371 ),
    Fluxus (

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  3. JW Marriott Hotel Cusco

    JW Marriott Hotel Cusco

    Location: PERU     Project: JW MARRIOT HOTEL CUSCO

    Architect: Cooper Graña Nicolini Group (Peru)

    interior designer: Giad.

    Orac Decor®-importer: Sarandi.

    JW Marriott Hotel Cusco. Architect: Cooper Graña Nicolini Group (Peru) Decorator: Giad. Orac Decor® importer: Sarandi. JW Marriott Hotel Cusco Peru is located in Cusco's historic downtown, surrounded by all the principal historical sites.

    Elegant and stylish, the JW Marriott Cusco was designed to enhance the historical site

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  4. Lobby Hotel M

    Lobby Hotel M

    Location: United States     Project: LOBBY HOTEL M

    “Hotel lobbies should exude an inviting, luxurious and glamorous atmosphere.”

    It is hardly surprising that cosmopolitan Ulf Moritz has a very clear vision of hotels. The lobby of his imaginary “Hotel  M” in New York took shape within the ORAC factory walls in Ostend for the catalogue shoot.

    Deep reds and soft browns combined with warm purple. Rich fabrics for the couches, velvet soft carpets and copper table lamps.


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  5. Marlies Dekkers

    Marlies Dekkers

    Location: The Netherlands     Project: MARLIES DEKKERS

    Marlies Dekkers is een gevestigde naam in de internationale modewereld. Marlies Dekkers is an institution in the world of international fashion. Her line of lingerie is being sold worldwide in some 1,000 sales outlets. Her designs are innovative and trendsetting. No wonder then that Marlies Dekkers chose Orac Decor® for the decoration of her new Amsterdam shop, as Orac Decor® too is innovative and trendsetting.

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  6. Meeting room "Big one"

    Meeting room "Big one"

    Location: Belgium     Project: MEETING ROOM "BIG ONE"

    Together with the Pinkeye design studio, we completely renewed our Orac showroom in 2013. The makeover resulted in creating a bright, attractive and multifunctional space where the focus is on various mouldings from the Ulf Moritz for Orac Decor® collection, both with and without indirect lighting. The space is also decorated with other mouldings from the standard range.

    The interaction betwee

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  7. Château Mont Royal

    Château Mont Royal

    Location: CHANTILLY     Project: CHÂTEAU MONT ROYAL

    Tiara Château Hôtel Mont Royal is a 19th century castle hotel in the midst of the lovely and lush Chantilly forest. The hotel is therefore an ideal starting point for visits to Paris and the formidable Chantilly château.

    Thanks in part to Orac Decor® guests enjoy life here to the full, each and every minute. The rooms have been marvellously renovated and decorated in classic French style. The style is emphasized by a combination
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  8. Clinic 28

    Clinic 28

    Location: DEN HAAG     Project: CLINIC 28

    In the first half of 2013, Clinic 28, a cosmetic clinic located in The Hague in the Netherlands, was completely renovated. The stately building was clad with skirting boards, panel mouldings and cornice mouldings made by Orac Decor®. This resulted in a contrasting interior where the ski

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  9. Coca Cola box

    Coca Cola box

    Location: Brussels     Project: COCA COLA BOX

    Pinkeye interior designers gave Coca-Cola's private box at Forest National, Brussels a completely new look.

    The undulating lines of the iconic Coca-Cola logo were repeated in the mouldings on the wall – an extremely original and successful design using Orac Decor® flexible mouldings.

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  10. Eclectic Manor

    Eclectic Manor

    Location: Germany     Project: ECLECTIC MANOR

    Sigisbert Engelbosch surpassed himself with this incredible project. Once you step inside this private residence, you feel transported to a world worthy of the Great Gatsby.

    This breathtaking house really is shaped by cornices, panel mouldings and skirting boards

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