4 creative ideas to finish

your space in style with skirting

This is how you can make smart use of skirting boards in your interior!


1. Visually enlarge your room

by painting the skirting boards in the same colour as your wall and choosing higher skirting boards. If you wish to emphasize the architecture of your space, you can opt for skirting boards, panelling or decorative frames in a contrasting colour.


2. Integrate indirect LED lighting in your skirting board.

Light is an essential part of your interior. The soft glow of indirect lighting on a floor, wall or ceiling instantly creates ambience for your interior.

3. Opt for smart, multifunctional solutions.

A skirting board that smoothly transitions to a doorframe, a skirting board that hides ugly cables, a skirting board that provides lighting at the same time... Orac Decor® skirting boards provide much more than just decoration. We are happy to offer you versatile and stylish tailor-made solutions.

4. Flexible skirting boards = even more possibilities!

Orac Decor® also offers a range of flexible, bendable profiles: ORAC Flex. The ideal solution for curved walls and floors and for creative applications. How about circles or elegant lines on your wall or ceiling?


Discover the full range of skirting boards.  

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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