Intirio Award

for Orac Decor® cornice mouldings

Orac Decor kroonlijsten bekroond met awardDavid Verheyden & Dieter Debacker, sales België.

Yes, we did it for the second time in a row!

Each year Intirio, Belgium's leading interior decorating trade show, presents awards for "the trade show's most interesting and innovative products". In 2016, we won the Smart Design Award for our  SX171 cover skirting , and this year we did it again. This year Intirio awarded us the "Spirited by the City" Award on account of the great added value offered by our cornice mouldings for all home and office spaces.

Why is Orac "Spirited by the City"?

Simple: because our products, including the cornice mouldings, can genuinely  transform the visual impact of a space. Living and working in the city has many advantages, including the number of jobs available and the shopping and recreational opportunities in the vicinity. Still, living in the city usually means contending with smaller spaces as well. We believe, however, that they do not need to "feel" small at all...

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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