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Wall decoration for every budget

Do you want to give your living room, kitchen or office space an arty makeover? Eye-catching decoration for your home doesn't have to be expensive at all. Let your imagination run wild and bring each wall to life with 3D Wall Panels.

Whether you simply want to enhance a space or clad an entire wall, 3D Wall Panels give an extra dash of personality to every room. 

Your individuality, your creativity.

Five unique 3D Wall Panels:

1 and 2. Rombus and Trapezium

The geometric figures Rombus ( W100 & W105) and Trapezium ( W101 ) are the building blocks for an endless array of creative combinations. Here are a few examples of what you could do.

What makes Rombus and Trapezium unique?

Not all corners are of equal height with Rombus and Trapezium. This creates a dynamic interplay of light and shadow and a playful 3D effect.

Create sleek patterns and playful interpretations using bright tones. Consider, combine and let your imagination and creativity run free!

3 and 4. Cubi

The two Cubi panels ( W102 and W103 ) provide the basis for you to come up with a host of unique creations in no time. Bare walls come to life and the ordinary is transformed into something special. Nothing is impossible with Cubi!

5. Kilt

Kilt ( W104 ) is a striking chequered pattern where horizontal and vertical lines seamlessly overlap. In the example below, three Kilt panels are used to create this remarkable work of art. It is truly eye-catching!

An additional benefit: they could not be easier to install

The 3D Wall Panels

  • are made of Purotouch©, a high quality polyurethane which is extremely lightweight
  • already have a white primer layer, meaning that they can be painted over immediately
  • have an integrated adhesive groove (V-fix), making it easy to apply adhesive
  • are designed to fit seamlessly together for a smooth and even end result

You are furthermore covered by a full installation guarantee when using our  Decofix -adhesives . 

Inspiration: this is how 3D Wall panels add an extra dimension to your interior

Add charm to your interior using the Steps cornice mouldings: these are just some of the many applications.
Be inspired!


  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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