Hotel Dux

Location: The Netherlands     Project: HOTEL DUX

Hotel DUX is a four star hotel located in Roermond, the Netherlands.

Interior designer Arnie van Dun ( was commissioned to decorate the interior. This gorgeous project was inspired by influences from various cultures. The result is a hotel with international flair.

The magnificent materials, colours and designs from around the world complement each other perfectly. Orac Decor® was used here to create ambient indirect lighting and to accentuate features and fittings, such as a bar.

hotel DUX


hotel Dux

P4020 P1020 P7020 P8020 P8040 P8050 P9010 SX118

hotel Dux

hotel Dux

C217 P9050 SX118

hotel Dux

C250 P9050 SX118

hotel Dux

C213 SX118

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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