3D Wall Covering

3D Wall Covering

3D Wall Covering with repetitive design is trending, it adds extra design and dimension to your space and creates a wide range of opportunities to personalise your interior. That is why Orac Decor® has introduced 7 variants, designed by Orio Tonini, to express your own style and personality in a budget-friendly way. With the 3D Wall Covering profiles you can create an unexpectedly playful effect. Your wall or ceiling will become a piece of art.

Cover a complete wall or install as wainscoting to turn an empty wall into an eye-catcher. You can even use them to enhance interior elements such as a bar, headboard or reception desk!



The profiles are high quality, easy to install and are made from sustainable materials so you can enjoy them for years to come. In addition, they have proven thermal and acoustic insulating properties.

Get creative with 3D Wall Covering

The 3D Wall Covering profiles are multifunctional: cover an entire wall or ceiling to create an absolute wow effect or install the profiles as modern panelling. Achieve a wonderful effect in every room, from beautiful atria and lobby walls to functional surfaces for kitchens and toilets. The panels can also be used as a door frame or be used in furniture and room elements such as cupboard doors, headboards, reception desks or a stylish bar.

  1. W110 HILL
    W110 HILL

    L 200 x H 25 x W 1.6 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W108 ZIGZAG
    W108 ZIGZAG

    L 200 x H 25 x W 1.8 cm Purotouch® ‎

Combine our 3D Wall Covering with creative lighting and the results are spectacular. The interplay between light and relief brings the room to its most dynamic self, the light enhances the profiles and vice versa. This combination creates atmosphere in the most refined and architecturally interesting way. Here too the possibilities are endless!

  1. W109 VALLEY
    W109 VALLEY

    L 200 x H 25 x W 1.3 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W130 CHEVRON
    W130 CHEVRON

    L 200 x H 40 x W 2 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W113 COBBLE
    W113 COBBLE

    L 200 x H 25 x W 2.2 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W112 RIDGE
    W112 RIDGE

    L 200 x H 25 x W 1.9 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W111 BAR
    W111 BAR

    L 200 x H 25 x W 2 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W116 BAR XL
    W116 BAR XL

    L 200 x H 25 x W 2 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. W114 VALLEY XL
    W114 VALLEY XL

    L 200 x H 25 x W 1.5 cm Purotouch® ‎

Smart design

The 3D Wall Covering profiles are designed in such a way that they are easy to install and require as little extra finishing as possible.

Invisible connection points

The Orac Decor® 3D Wall Covering profiles always end in a consecutive connection point, allowing you to cover a complete wall without seeing a transition seam. Place the profiles together and you can no longer distinguish where a piece begins or ends. They merge perfectly into each other and are therefore ideally suited to create an impressive wall and / or ceiling.

Finished lateral sides

We already finished the sides nicely, which means that in practice you can hang a profile on the wall and you no longer have to worry about a nice finish. It also allows you to install two profiles against each other without the need for additional grout adhesive in between: time-saving and an instant-cared for look!

Positive thermal and acoustic properties

Orac Decor® 3D Wall Covering has positive acoustic and thermal effects. It absorbs up to 25% of a conversation and also has thermal properties that are comparable to those of standard insulation boards of the same thickness.

Acoustic reports are available on request, you can find the acoustic certificate here.

Easy to install

The Orac Decor® 3D Wall Covering profiles are easy to install. Download the 3D Wall Covering Wainscoting installation manual here.

More inspiration?

  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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