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Deco Tips

  1. Skirting, the finishing touch

    Skirting, the finishing touch

    Are you looking for that perfect skirting board to give your interior that finishing touch? A stylish skirting board that hides your ugly cables discretely? Or a cover skirting to quickly camouflage your old skirting boards? Orac Decor® knows what the right wall skirting can do for your interior.

    A skirting board is an elegant connection between the floor and the wall. But skirtings do so much more. They add character to your interior, can visually raise the ceiling, are a convenient way to cover a messy seam between the wall and the floor... In short, they are essential in any room!

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  2. Manoir


    Manoir is a nod to the idyllic, noble life in the French countryside in the eighteenth century. Mature materials and earthy colours formed the basis for this concept. The soft, delicate look creates heart-warming nostalgia!

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  3. 3D Wall Covering

    3D Wall Covering

    3D Wall Covering with repetitive design is trending, it adds extra design and dimension to your space and creates a wide range of opportunities to personalise your interior. That is why Orac Decor® has introduced 3 variants, designed by Orio Tonini, to express your own style and personality in a budget-friendly way. With the 3D Wall Covering profiles you can create an unexpectedly playful effect. Your wall or ceiling will become a piece of art.

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  4. Modern


    Decorations the way you want them, where you want them. With simplicity and technical ingenuity, the new MODERN collection offers unlimited possibilities for your interiors. You can get to work with the new concepts yourself, having total freedom without any practical restrictions. Where most people see a bare wall, ORAC® sees a blank canvas. A canvas you can make your mark on.

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  5. Hölm

    Applying simple, straight profiles and elements, graphic lines and patterns gives the interior of this bed and breakfast that extra touch of visual excitement.
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  6. Artson

    Classic yet timeless, that's what this interior in this mansion in the London area is all about. You will never get bored in this warm & neat but not in the least dull room. Mind also the subtle role the deep cornices are playing to emphasize the classic grandeur of the room.
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  7. Wainscoting: something for everyone

    Wainscoting: something for everyone
    Wainscoting is often associated with  cosy and warm country houses, but can do so much more than that. It is a solution that certainly also has a place in  modern interiors  In addition to the cosy atmosphere wainscoting creates, it can also be used as a solution for  damaged or damp walls.
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  8. Cornices for indirect lighting

    Cornices for indirect lighting

    Thanks to our profiles for indirect lighting you can light up your wall or ceiling to create an extra spacious effect, whether it's in private environments, offices or hotels. We'll be giving you some tips and original applications for these profiles: 

    Tips from a professional

    Where can I find an overview of all the profiles for indirect lighting?

    On this page you'll find all our profiles developed to carry LED-bars.

    Can you also integrate the LED bars in other profiles, eg. C213, CX100?

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  9. Multifunctional solutions

    Multifunctional solutions

    With the multi-functional architraves you can go in any direction. One and the same element can be used as wall mouldings, cornice mouldings and skirting. Simple, easy and quick to install. With some creativity, you can even use them to create some astonishingly beautiful wainscoting: modern, simple and sleek. We'll give you some examples:

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  10. My ceiling is far too high and uninviting. What are the solutions?

    My ceiling is far too high and uninviting. What are the solutions?
    Old town houses or stately homes often have high ceilings. These are gorgeous and impressive, but sometimes make the room feel unwelcoming.
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