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Deco Tips

  1. Practical tips when placing skirting boards

    Practical tips when placing skirting boards

    The Orac Decor® skirting boards provide a functional yet stylish finish for every interior. Our ORAC professional gives a few practical tips:

    ORAC®How do you discreetly hide a gap between your floor and your wall?  

    PROF: When laying parquet or laminate, it is advisable to keep it 1 cm away from the wall. Wood breathes and the gap gives it the space to expand. You can hide the gap with one of our skirting boards, which you then paint the same colour as the wall.

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  2. Curtain Profiles: Practical Solution, Elegant Finish

    Curtain Profiles: Practical Solution, Elegant Finish

    Orac Decor® Curtain Profiles are designed with the latest technologies and materials.

    They offer the possibility to hide your curtain technics. Thanks to the extra support for glueing, no additional systems are needed.

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  3. An extra dimension for every space - Ulf Moritz

    An extra dimension for every space

    Ulf Moritz

    The new and entirely innovative Ulf Moritz for Orac Decor® collection was developed in 2012 with one specific objective in mind: Designed by U, we provide the tools and U provide the overall design.
    The various profiles and decorative elements in this collection are the ideal tools to turn any space into a unique, three-dimensional experience.

    It is our pleasure to give you a few helpful suggestions to get you started. After that, it is entirely up to you to come up with some new, delightful combinations.

    Suggestion 1: Golf

    Horizontal and vertical co

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  4. ORAC Flex: an elegant finish for curved walls and ceilings

    ORAC Flex: an elegant finish for curved walls and ceilings
    A large number of cornice mouldingspanel mouldings and skirting are available in a flexible variant: Orac®Flex. Thanks to their flexibility, curved walls and ceilings can be finished elegantly. They are also light and paintable.
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  5. Indirect lighting for superb ambience

    Indirect lighting for superb ambience

    Times change, styles change and tastes change. Lighting is the perfect example of this, and indirect lighting even more so. While lighting used to be primarily functional, these days lighting is used to create a specific, almost essential ambience. It transforms your living and working spaces into a place of genuine experience.

    Effective integration of indirect lighting in your living and working spaces can create a real WOW effect along with just the right experience in and around the spaces. While functionality certainly remains important, the feeling you gain from the space as you 'exist' within it is even more integral.

    Indirect lighting makes life and work full of

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  6. Enlarge your space

    Enlarge your space

    Believe us when we say that our products have been carefully conceived. This applies to quality, functionality and design. The visual possibilities of our products are endless, as is their added value. Use cornice mouldings, skirting and indirect lighting to easily make any space appear larger. We would be delighted to demonstrate this and offer tips on how to create an interior that feels larger than it actually is. After all, living somewhere is ultimately about "experiencing" it.

    Cornice mouldings for a spacious feeling
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  7. 7 Orac Decor® tips for your interior

    7 Orac Decor® tips for your interior

    Just use a few smart and easy interior tricks and you will have optically increased and revived your space. A modern cornice moulding here, some elegant incorporated LED lighting or a cool panel moulding there and your interior will look like it has been designed by an interior specialist. We will now reveal our seven best tips. From Orac Decor®, to you!

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  8. The power of colour in a classic interior

    The power of colour in a classic interior

    With the help of profiles and panelling, you can play with light and shadow, thereby creating depth on your walls. Colour is also a determining factor in your interior. The right combinations immediately create a wow effect.

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  9. Ba'rock


    Want a little more oomph? Yes, please! We love lavishly decorated houses and regal interiors. Orac Decor® has distilled the highlights of baroque tradition into a new classic concept: Ba'rock, a nod to the daring and somewhat unusual side of decorative ornamentation.

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  10. Noblesse

    A traditional country look in your interior that has a nice twist? Go for an elegant raised skirting board or composite cornice moulding. Combined with a fresh colour scheme you can bring calm and unity into your rooms.
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