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New Classics by Orac Decor®

Simplicity and style characterise the Noblesse line of the New Classics collection of Orac Decor®. An ensemble of traditional elements in fresh colours. Elegance at its best, on the walls and on the ceiling. The carefully constructed design allows walls and ceilings to blend almost seamlessly together.

A traditional country look in your interior that has a nice twist? Go for an elegant raised skirting board or composite cornice moulding. Combined with a fresh colour scheme you can bring calm and unity into your rooms.

P9020 L 200 x H 9.6 x W 2.1 cm Purotouch®‎
SX156 HIGH HEELS L 200 x H 20.2 x W 1.6 cm Duropolymer®‎
D340 L 7 x H 11 x W 2.5 cm Duropolymer®‎
DX174-2300 L 230 x H 6 x W 2.2 cm Duropolymer®‎

Elegant raised skirting board

Have you ever thought of an extra high skirting board effect? Discover how the clever use of a skirting board and a low wall moulding frame can give your room a dignified appearance.

Simply place a second wall moulding above your skirting board. You link them by painting them in the same colour.

P9020 | SX156 HIGH HEELS  

The skirting boards from Orac Decor® can be immediately painted over. Moreover, skirting is ideal for hiding flaws in the wall and protecting your wall at the same time.

P9020 L 200 x H 9.6 x W 2.1 cm Purotouch®‎
SX156 HIGH HEELS L 200 x H 20.2 x W 1.6 cm Duropolymer®‎

Light and colour

Light and colour are determining factors for the look-and-feel of a room. With two contrasting colours, you can obtain a cosy effect. How? Use profiles as a transition between different colours. With this horizontal dividing line, you place the emphasis on the height of the ceiling. Put the lightest colour on the ceiling and the room brightens up immediately. Flashy colours are not readily recommended in either classic rural or modern rural interiors. Think more of broken white tones, earthy and sand colours or soft pastel shades. These colours reinforce the calm and warmth of Noblesse.

SX156 HIGH HEELS   | DX170-2300   | C323    | C332   

Combine your colour scheme with real mood makers, such as indirect LED lighting. It is really lovely at any time of the day. They are easy to incorporate into Orac Decor®-profiles. That is how you keep it compact and energy efficient. Moreover, a room with well placed lighting appears more spacious.

Some well-placed profiles and decorative elements immediately add extra cachet to the room. If you also use the right colours and lighting, then the cosiness and style are at its best. Discover Noblesse and make your interior dreams come true.

Discover the Noblesse collection

  1. C340 NOBLESSE

    L 200 x H 13.5 x W 25.6 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. P4020

    L 200 x H 5 x W 2.9 cm Purotouch® ‎


    L 200 x H 20.2 x W 1.6 cm Duropolymer® ‎

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