New Classics


by Orac Decor®

Tradition reinvented

Interior trends follow each other at a rapid pace. Between all fashion colours, shapes and accessories, some Classical values keep their heads held high. Decorative elements such as wall panelling, wainscoting, 3D wall panels, ceiling panels and beautiful skirting boards immediately give your interior that unique look.

New Classics - urban exploration - abandoned places and palaces
New Classics - urban exploration - abandoned places and palaces

Today, Orac Decor® is giving these classic interior elements a makeover with the New Classics collection. Modern technology and a sustainable approach laid the foundations for these new classics. While respecting tradition, of course. Smart product design and state-of-the-art technology also guarantee the best quality.

Effortless classical grandeur

With the New Classics collection, Orac Decor® offers refreshing and simple ways to give classical grandeur to today’s interiors. In a small room or an imposing hall. Panelling, cornice mouldings, accompanying skirting boards and indirect lighting: create your classic interior with a contemporary look and feel!

New Classics by Orac Decor®

Using four concepts, Orac Decor® is introducing new classic decorative elements for every interior:

1. Draw admiring glances with Heritage

Moodboard Heritage by Orac Decor®

Large, wavy cornices emphasise the height of the rooms and saturated colours fully come to life. Heritage takes you to the urban bourgeoisie of the nineteenth century. Thanks to the ready-to-use Autoire wall panels, you can bring your walls to life. Designed by true craftsmen. You will notice that right away.

Discover Heritage and be inspired

2. Opt for elegance with Noblesse

An ensemble of traditional elements in fresh colours. Elegance at its finest. The carefully constructed design ensures that walls appear to merge with ceilings and vice versa. Your space will have a noble appearance through the combination of Noblesse ceiling coving mouldings with a high wall moulding. Integrated LED lighting is optional. Take a look and let yourself be convinced by Noblesse.

Take a look and let yourself be convinced by Noblesse

3. Bathe in nostalgia with Manoir

A warm interior, a cosy home. Manoir is a nod to the idyllic, noble life in the French countryside in the eighteenth century. Mature materials and earthy colours formed the basis for this concept. The soft, delicate look creates heart-warming nostalgia. Honest and authentic. What are you waiting for? Discover Manoir.

Discover Manoir

4. Get the most out of the cupboard with Ba'rock

Want a little more oomph? Yes please! Lavishly decorated houses, details carefully finished, right down to the smallest corners, lush interiors. Ba'rock brings maximalism into your home in style. When combined with traditional decoration, it gives an instant hip and luxurious look. The showpiece, Chevron, builds on the herringbone pattern from classic interiors. Opt for a wonderfully rich design as an accent in your interior or clad an entire wall in this lavishly decorated wall panel.

Be inspired by Ba'rock

New Classics Tips & tricks

Do you know which style you want, but do not know how to get started? With a few tricks, you can bring your walls to life in no time with the New Classics.

Have you ever thought of wainscoting? You create impressive spaces that give a home character right away. There are no hard-and-fast rules but you can find some tips here! From an elegant raised skirting board to an impressive fully clad wall... Something for everyone! Read more…

Colour is also an easy way to bring a classic interior to life. Creative with colour in a classic interior? For example, choose a nice wallpaper and make it stand out by bordering it with one or more wall mouldings. This way, your walls are given an extra dimension at the same time. Discover more colour tips here.

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