Boundless creativity

Decorations the way you want them, where you want them. With simplicity and technical ingenuity, the new MODERN collection offers unlimited possibilities for your interiors. You can get to work with the new concepts yourself, having total freedom without any practical restrictions. Where most people see a bare wall, ORAC® sees a blank canvas. A canvas you can make your mark on.

After all, being modern doesn't mean being bare and sterile. These innovative decorations let you inject some of your personality into your interior. Cornice moulding or lighting profile, skirting board or wall panel: we're breaking boundaries so you can design your space whichever way you like. Anything is possible.

Creative with four new concepts

With the MODERN collection, you have no restrictions when it comes to adding your personality to architecture and interiors. ORAC® is placing four new concepts on the market. The decorations are user-friendly, versatile and can be combined in an incredible number of ways. Let your imagination run wild! That way, you can make your mark on your interior. You'll be enjoying your creation for years to come thanks to the durable materials used.

Light up the room

Compact Design Lighting. These are four innovative, compact lighting profiles developed by Orio Tonini. Add subtle, indirect or direct lights to enhance your interior. Combine these with decorative items from other MODERN collections and be surprised by the results.

These universal profiles look good in any space, as an uplight or downlight, a skirting board, wall panel or cornice moulding. The light profiles can make your rooms appear bigger and more spacious or they can create a cosier feel, adding warmth and ambience. When it comes to design, these are both decorative and functional elements that can also be used to create a playful twist.

  1. CX190 U-PROFILE
    €7.88 / m €15.76 / pc

    L 200 x H 2 x W 3 cm Duropolymer® ‎

  1. CX188
    €7.88 / m €15.76 / pc

    L 200 x H 3.4 x W 3 cm Duropolymer® ‎

    €15.15 / m €30.30 / pc

    L 200 x H 9.7 x W 2.9 cm Duropolymer® ‎

  1. CX189
    €6.17 / m €12.34 / pc

    L 200 x H 2.7 x W 2.7 cm Duropolymer® ‎

Step up your game

With three newcomers, the Steps family now has seven contemporary profiles based on the original design. They can be used individually or the different variants can be combined. Steps can work as lighting profiles, cornice mouldings and borders. As cornice mouldings, the profiles make rooms appear wider and as borders, give the ceilings height.

Less is more. These modern shapes were made by Orio Tonini. They feature straight lines which maximise the interplay between light and shadow. The linear pattern is given extra emphasis thanks to subtle shadow lines.

  1. C395 STEPS
    C395 STEPS
    €32.44 / m €64.88 / pc

    L 200 x H 15.5 x W 3.1 cm Purotouch® ‎

  1. C396 Steps
    C396 Steps
    €40.55 / m €81.10 / pc

    L 200 x H 18.5 x W 6.1 cm Purotouch® ‎

Use sublime lines

Discover the high Line family’s smallest member, SX187 . Due to a huge success there is now a new skirting with an extra step available, giving you 3 different options to add elegance to your interior. You can use the multifunctional profiles – designed by Pierre Daems – for skirting, door surrounds or coving.

Its shape means that the High Line creates optimal visual effects. If you paint your skirting board along with the wall, this will make your rooms look bigger. If you're looking for a solution for irregular shapes or rounded corners, flexible Highline is also available.

  1. SX187 HIGH LINE
    €9.72 / m €19.44 / pc

    L 200 x H 7.5 x W 1.2 cm Duropolymer® ‎

  1. SX180 HIGH LINE
    €17.87 / m €35.74 / pc

    L 200 x H 12 x W 1.6 cm Duropolymer® ‎

  1. SX181 HIGH LINE
    €29.75 / m €59.50 / pc

    L 200 x H 20 x W 2.2 cm Duropolymer® ‎

Create your wall of fame

Turn a boring wall into a showpiece and give your space an extra dimension. With the MODERN 3D panelling, you can create an unexpected playful effect. Transform your wall or ceiling into a work of art. A creative triumph!

Whether you like abstract styles or geometric shapes, you can combine them easily with these unique designs: Zigzag, Envelop and Circle. Choose a single design or combine various options as you wish! Create your home's wall of fame.

  1. W108 ZIGZAG
    W108 ZIGZAG
    €26.68 / m €53.36 / pc

    L 200 x H 25 x W 1.8 cm Purotouch® ‎

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