The GOOD side of WALLS

Discover our passion for sustainability
Walls are the building bricks of a house. But we believe there is much more to a wall, than just its ability to keep a building up. Walls can inspire, evoke emotion, express personality. They can bring joy and make you feel at home.

But that is not enough.
“We can’t stop at just decorating walls. We should also build towards a better planet, help build people’s lives and communities around us.”

Good for our Planet

We all have a responsibility to our planet that is much overdue
The sustainable side of walls
Design today is too often seen as something volatile, but fast design has a big impact on our planet.

At ORAC, we see design differently. We believe that design can be a driving force in helping our planet, rather than burning it. We create timeless 3D wall decoration with a lifetime warranty. But we go beyond stunning and long-lasting products. We consistently reduce our environmental footprint and became an accredited CO2 neutral company in 2021.

Our ambitious goal is to have a restorative impact by 2050. It's a long journey but one we're committed to.
Since 2018 we have been making profound changes in the full lifecycle of our products. From selection and use of raw materials all the way to our production process.

Good for People

Behind every great wall is a team of even greater people
Walls usually serve to contain and restrict a space, but ours tend to do the opposite. They allow all of us to think outside the box!

We encourage our 'Oracians' to be creative, to accelerate personal growth and to take freedom & responsibility.
Good for people

Live & work

with passion.

Be loyal.

Inspire &

get inspired.

Good for Community

As much as we love walls, we still need to tear down a few
Good for Community
Everyone deserves an equal shot at life.

We feel it's our responsibility to help create opportunities for those who need it most.

We invest 1% of our webshop sales in community projects.

Local communities.

Give back to local projects that tackle inequality.

Safe water provision.

Helping Rwandan families with borehole techniques.

Ukrainian families.

Immediate aid to obtain material & lodging.
  • Water resistant
  • Paintable
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality
  • Flexible
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